Rosselli Tanuyan & Eliza Sipin are the sisters behind J’adore Tutus. Since they were children, they already had a passion for fashion and all things pretty. They now want to share their adoration for clothing and accessories with all the young girls everywhere!

Rosselli Tanuyan is the Designer for J’adore Tutus and began the in 2011. She always dreamt of becoming a designer, constantly sketching various designs in fashion throughout her elementary and high school years. She has always had a fondness for arts and crafts and is consistently inspired to create.

Her passion for making tutus and accessories stemmed from her childhood where she and her sister wore them as young ballerinas. Rosselli’s lovely daughter, Kaiea, a ballerina herself, is her inspiration in creating unique and beautifully handmade garments. Rosselli personally handpicks all the products and materials to produce every item. She uses high quality materials from Europe and North America for all her tutus. Making these pretty pieces for her daughter was a hobby she started while working full-time in Toronto’s financial district. Now that she is a stay at home mom, she can focus more on giving girls an opportunity to have their very own one-of-a-kind tutu and accessories to make each and every single child feel truly special.

Eliza Sipin is the Marketing Director for J’adore Tutus. She is a graduate of Applied Business in Fashion Arts and the founder of ilaika, a boutique marketing and PR agency focusing on lifestyle brands throughout Toronto.

As a child, Eliza loved playing dress up and enjoyed wearing tutus as a youn ballerina. Her fascination with fashion stems from when she was a little girl admiring her mother’s closet. Her niece, Kaiea, has sparked her interest in children’s clothing as she is constantly shopping for her and becoming truly immersed in the industry. Eliza is eager to share with every young girl the beautiful and delicate products J’adore Tutus has created for them.

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