03 May

From Corporate Mom to Work At Home Mom

I was working on Bay St. for over 9 years till there was restructuring and I had to be let go. At the same time, I got pregnant, which was good timing overall. I was now able to drop off and pick up my daughter from school, helping her with homework and accompany her to her extra curricular activities, had no stress of telling my bosses that I had to leave early to pick up my daughter, and having to coordinate with my husband how our schedule was going to work. The best thing was, and still is, I had the opportunity to concentrate on the business that I started, which was making tutus.

What I love about working at home is that I get to spend more time with my family and I do not need to rush to get to work or come home. And I don’t miss the commute to downtown Toronto. However, owning a business means you still work extra hard because it is now your own. There are still deadlines to be met, emails and calls to respond to, meetings, etc. There is also the challenge of avoiding doing housework during certain hours of the day because those hours should only be dedicated to work.

There is also the preconception that because I am no longer employed at a corporation is that I really do nothing at home. Which we moms know that is not true. Housework alone should be seen as real work. I had to tell people I have a business.

Having a business and managing it at home is truly a blessing, and I love it. I am lucky that I have the support of my husband and the rest of my family. I have been asked a few times if I have plans to go back to the corporate world or if I miss it. I don’t.